Wedding Ceremony Signing of the Registry

    By definition this section means exactly what it says!  After getting all the nerves out, this is the part of the ceremony where the Bride and Groom sign the wedding registry. 

    This is the longest pause in the wedding ceremony which allows for (most often than not) an entire song to be played for the guests.  The selection of music here can vary depending on religious reasons.

Suggested Wedding Signing of the Registry Music:
~ Ave Maria (Shubert) - Religious
~ Annie's Song (John Denver) - Contemporary
~ Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) - Contemporary
~ Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis) - Contemporary
Emotion Chart!

~ Joy
~ Reflective
~ Relaxation
~ Meditative
"The most important part of a wedding is the Ceremony ~ Music is bound to be one of the things your guests will remember most"
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